The Best 3 Dash Cams for the Money Under $200

Dash Cams are becoming a more and more popular item to have in your vehicle. If you’re in the market for a dash cam and you’re doing your research, you’re in for a trip.  There are so many of these dash cams on the market. It’s difficult to nail down exactly which item to purchase and which item would fit your specific needs best. This small vehicle accessory serves several different purposes depending on the user or operator and each one has different capabilities depending on the model. We, at RydeCulture, wanted to give our recommendations of 3 different dash cams on a budget under $200.00 for whatever your purpose may be for having a dash cam. We hope that our research saves you some precious time on your journey to purchasing your own dash cam.

We’re going to present our recommended dash cams in order of price from lowest to highest. We’ll highlight some of their technical specifications, features, benefits, and some general purpose uses for the models that we recommend.

1. VIAFO A119

At approximately $89.00 (USD), the VIOFO A119 is a bargain. The unit features a compact design that is not obtrusive to your vision when mounted on the windshield of your vehicle.  It’s shape and black housing assimilates an OEM look which blends perfectly with most cars on the market. The wide view angle lens on the unit covers 160° and records in full HD 1080P at 60fps or 1140P at 30fps.  The unit also records sound and has optional GPS logging capabilities with the purchase of some extra accessories.  The lens of the camera can be rotated to adjust the angles top to bottom and left to right. This capability enables you to mount the camera in whatever spot on your windshield that you see fit.

We, at RydeCulture, are based near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The area experiences, what some may say, is extreme temperature changes. Our weather conditions may hit over 100°F in the summer season and then -30°F in the winter season. This large temperature change can cause severe malfunctions and degrade the life expectancy of battery operated electronics. In saying that, we strongly believe that the Viofo A119’s design for durability is a very competitive selling point and a huge advantage for the consumer.  The unit uses capacitors as a power supply. Using capacitors as a power supply means that the unit can tolerate much larger temperature differences without overheating or having unexpected charge pulses which may cause missing video files.

The mounting mechanism of the Viofo A119 is another awesome feature. Rather than using a suction cup to attach the camera to windshields, strong adhesive tape made by 3M makes much more sense. The tape keeps the camera mount in place far better than any suction cup could. Moisture and varying temperatures causes the suction cup seal to deteriorate over time. The mount has built in quick connects for the main unit. The mount has all the connections built into it to be wired into the vehicle. This means that the camera can be dismounted from the mount for safe keeping and there are no cumbersome wires to deal with. The engineers at Viofo definitely put in the time and effort to make this dash cam the best in its class.

We believe that the Viofo A119 is a wonderful value for those individuals that may drive busy streets day in and day out. The unit is small and discrete, easy to set up, and extremely affordable. No one ever knows when an accident may occur and having a camera on your side may just save your job, prove that someone else was at fault, or an event was unavoidable. This camera is just a little piece of mind and the cheapest one-time insurance purchase that you could ever buy.

2. Goluk T2

Next on our list is the Goluk T2. The Goluk T2 is a bit more expensive at approximately $169.99(USD) and touches a different part of the market. The Goluk T2 has a super sleek minimalist design that exudes a James Bond like style. The camera can be rotated 360° which means the user can point the camera towards traffic or towards the cabin of the vehicle.

The lens covers a wide angle of 152° and records 1080p HD at 30fps. This particular camera uses a processor made by Ambarella which is one the leading companies that produce HD video technology. The processor is paired with 6-sets class lens, 1 IR cut lens for low light, all packaged inside a F2.0 aperture. At this price range, it is best dash cash cam for hard earned pay check.

There is no monitor on this unit which helps it keep its small size. Instead, the Goluk T2 is equipped with WiFi. The Wifi connection is used to connect to your Apple or Android phone through an app that you can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The connection to your smart phone enables the user to quickly download video or even share on social media. Your phone can also be used to control the device and adjust various setting on the camera.

There are 2 ways to begin taking video. The first way to quickly start taking video is a wireless button that can be mounted in a convenient or inconspicuous place in your vehicle. Simply push the button when you want the camera to start recording. The other is through the use of the phone app.

This camera is best suited for the more technologically adept user that is familiar with smartphone pairing and using applications to control devices.  If you go on weekend cruises or often go to car meets, this is the dash cam for you. The design screams high end and class and will surely fit right into your classic car, modified import, or souped up euro-tuner. The small design is inconspicuous and the camera can serve several purposed beyond a dash cam.

3. Vantrue N2 Pro

Our last recommended dash cam product is the Vantrue N2 Pro. Though this product reaches near the top of our budget at approximately $199.99 (USD), we believe that it gives the most bang for your buck. It comes with both a front and rear facing camera that give crystal clear video. It is one of the only cameras in our price range that give you dual camera functionality. You are able to take video footage of what’s going on in the cabin along with what’s happening on the road as you drive.  The unit also comes standard with motion detection, some GPS features, and an IR feature for the camera that faces the cabin.

With the dual cam technology, you have a 170° wide angle lens that records at 1080p HD facing traffic and a 140° wide angle lens facing the cabin recording at 720p HD that has night vision capabilities. Both cameras quickly adjust to light conditions. The unit records in 2 channels which means you get 2 separate time stamped video files; 1 for the forward facing camera and 1 for the cabin facing camera.  This camera also comes with a reasonable 1.5 inch display that can show both rear and forward facing views. The Vantrue N2 Pro is one of the only cameras in this price range can has several output features. It has MiniUSB 2.0 and HDMI output which allows you to connect directly to a monitor or TV.

The mount for the camera houses a quick connect/disconnect feature. It contains all the wiring for charging and connecting to power in the vehicle. This means that the camera can be quickly put away without having to play with cords and mounts every time you want to put the camera away. Conversely, reattaching the camera is a snap. The mount is attached to your vehicle windshield with your choice of a suction cup or with 3M adhesive strip. We strongly recommend ordering the model that has the adhesive strip for more predictable and reliable mounting to your vehicle.

This camera offers many features for the price. We believe that this one of the best cameras for people that use their personal vehicles as an UBER or Lyft vehicle. Even motoring enthusiasts can take advantage of the value and features that this particular camera can offer.  Customer service is another great part of purchasing the Vantrue N2 Pro. The instructions are well written and if you’re having any other issues, customer service is readily available.


These are 3 different dash cams at 3 different price points below $200.00 (USD) that serve several unique audiences and needs. All the items we featured are available through Amazon and are Amazon Prime items. We find that Amazon gives the best protection to their consumers when it comes to purchasing electronics. Shopping with Amazon is also super convenient.

1. Viofo A119
2. Goluk T2
3. Vantrue N2 Pro

We, at RydeCulture, can only give your thoughts and experiences with the products that we test and research. Our goal is to give you the best information that we can so that you can make your individual decisions on the products and services that you purchase. Always feel free to visit or contact us on Facebook. We love to keep in touch with our viewers and take all your opinions and comments to heart. Let us know what content you want to see on and on all our social media outlets.

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