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  • This is a simple energy medicine testing technique, that permits you to easily to check yourself for food intolerance’s. We know this as the pendulum ensure that you it is often useful for many years by naturopaths and energy medicine doctors.

    click for info of this test is founded in kinesiology and is in line with the concept your body feels…[Read more]

  • Childhood bed wetting is a type of and distressing situation for both kids along with their parents. why not try this out can be referred to as nocturnal enuresis meaning nighttime urination. If the child is fairly young, a diagnostic evaluation is conducted, including seeing medical specialists if needed. If you will find physical problems or…[Read more]

  • These are faqs about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
    What do I do when EFT does not work?
    When EFT looks like it does not work, the issue is not usually the EFT but alternatively lack of experience while using technique by the person. Moreover, it is almost always a problem of not necessarily having gotten to the center with the problem. This…[Read more]

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