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    "And I saw: behold, a pale horse, and the name of the one seated on him, Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with famine, and the plague, and by wild beasts."

    Apocalypse according to St. John the Apocalypse.

    The most mysterious book of the Bible. It describes the catastrophe that awaits the world, a terrible war and death.

    Can it be said that "Apocalypse Now" somehow came during the Vietnam War? There are many indications that it is. This is confirmed by the film with this title by the famous Francis Ford Coppola.

    Captain Benjamin Willard (excellent role of Martin Sheen, although I cannot regret the fact that my favorite actor Harvey Keitel did not play instead), who is idle in Saigon, receives a very dangerous assignment. Its subject is the "removal" of Colonel Kurtz (obese and struggling with many private problems, yet brilliant Marlon Brando), who fell into madness, deserted and with a handful of soldiers created a private state in the Cambodian jungle based on strange rules. Despite the resistance and awareness of the dangers of this mission, Willard takes up the challenge. And the journey begins. A journey rich in symbolism (the first excellent scene of the film, in which we observe a beautiful jungle destroyed in a few seconds by military planes), emotions, feelings, a journey that exposes all the nonsense of war. The beauty and cult character of "Apocalypse Now" lies primarily in the fact that it perfectly exposes what is bad and senseless in war, not actually showing the fight at the front. This fight takes place here in the mental sphere.

    The confrontation Willard must fight, in addition to the encounter with the enemy, is a confrontation with his own heart and conscience.

    Finally, also Kurtz – the man who dared to say "no!" To the war on American terms.

    He deserted because he did not want to participate in this ordeal, he had his idea and wanted to implement it, and now he is to be killed for it … Interestingly, it is Kurtz who is the metaphor of the Vietnam War, which he hated so much.

    Like the whole conflict, it plunges into gradual chaos and nonsense, loss of mind. Apocalypse Now is also a test of human psyche and loyalty.

    How will a man – as an individual – endure the enormity of pointless and unjustified cruelty, will he be able to continue following orders? Along with Willard, struggling with his own feelings, we observe the wonderful contrast the director paints by introducing the character of a cool officer who surfs on a board during battle – and Kurtz, who was stunned and blinded by the atrocities of war. It is very important that we have the opportunity to see the director’s version of Coppola’s work. Its release is by no means a "cheap leap to the box". It complements the movie. The added scenes make it more coherent, understandable and, above all, more complete – because they were cut for political reasons and only for this reason they could not be broadcast 20 years ago. Now they reinforce the anti-war message of the film.

    Apocalypse Now is a great work and one of the best films I have seen. It is a masterpiece with perfect anti-war content and a wonderful treatise on the human psyche. The film has everything expected of a cult piece. It is controversial, scandalous, has a great script, excellent acting and humor that manifests itself in many situations. What is also important – I have not seen a movie with a better audiovisual setting. Much of this is due to Coppola, who brilliantly portrayed Vietnam and its beautiful landscapes, in contrast showing the terrible war in these realities. Another absolutely brilliant aspect of the movie is the music. The scene of the attack of American helicopters on a Vietnamese village with the music of Richard Wagner – it deservedly entered the history of cinema for good. In addition, excellent songs The Doors and The Rolling Stones, emphasizing the rebellious and hippie soul of many soldiers, and above all – being excellent music by themselves. Apocalypse Now is truly a work that has everything I expect from a great movie. I would highly recommend..