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    Inflatable toys is a hot subject at home and abroad. The majority of us are familiar with inflatable toys particularly children are constantly the hosts of those inflatable. Regardless of adults or kids have played inflatable toys again and again. However, few of us understand the process of making it. I was fortunate to see an inflatable mill that I can introduce something new for you.

    First, tailors will need to cut raw material as the design. Scissors utilized to reduce this inflatable material should be professional. It should be sharper, since this PVC material is harder and stronger than norm textiles for clothes. It is usually PVC. Following, professional tailors must sew up carefully. Otherwise it may leak air, and the inflatable goods are not qualified. Aside from quality, sewing is also crucial to the appearance. It takes about 24hours to finish a common inflatable item. For bigger size, much time needed, but how long it will take determined by the size of those products.

    After sewing, then they will need to be blew up with atmosphere blow to check out if they are qualified or not. Toys that leak air out are not up to standard, plus they want fixing.

    Blowing up toys are not only to inspect those inflatable toys are capable or not. More importantly, artists require painting cute cartoons on the toys. You should have notice that there are lots of lovely animals and creatures on the toys such as tiger, cat, pet, Christmas trees… It is a time-consuming and aesthetic work. Whether these inflatable items like slides, water pool are beautiful or not are decided by this procedure. In addition, the material for painting is a significant factor which will help determine the durability of these inflatable toys. High excellent paint may make the cartoons stay fresh and colorful for quite a while. To the contrary, it is going to fade fast. If this scenario happens, clients will complain of it and these inflatable slides or bouncers will look ugly. Because of this, children will shed interests to them. Because of this, it is better to select high excellent paint for manufacturer. Quality is the best standing for a company.

    Finish? NO, anther process still can not be omission, it is necessary to package as the customers’ requirements. For a few distant transportation, it need special bundle. For instance, bundle must protect goods out of rain. It can be reasoned that bundles must change according to various transports and distance. Otherwise, inflatable toys will probably be damaged.

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