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    Are you planning to replace your roof? It is indeed a wise decision especially if your roof is leaking. Each and every roof has a fixed shelf life. Beyond this shelf life, the roof is imminent to develop cracks. The end result is an increase in the electricity expenditure. Moreover, living under such a roof is certainly a risky proposition. However, you should know when exactly to get the roof replaced.

    Roof Replacement in Portland Oregon: Determine if your roof requires replacing

    Some factors that will help you to determine that your roof requires replacing are simple to identify. On the other hand, some factors might require a thorough examination from an expert.

    Following are some evident factors which will help you identify that your roof requires replacing.

    Examine the Overall Condition

    Shingles and tiles usually tend to deteriorate considering the climatic conditions. Roof replacement in Portland Oregon is thus imminent to cope with these problems. Examine the overall condition of the shingles and tiles. You can also determine if your roof requires replacement by locating missing materials. This is an indication that your roof requires replacing as soon as possible.

    Warped Shingles

    The next step is to locate warped shingles. Usually these shingles warp due to the heat. Heavy snowfall or Snow build-up also reduces the protecting ability of the asphalt shingles. If you locate any warped shingles it is an indication that your roofing requires replacement immediately.

    Missing Tiles or Cracked Tiles

    Missing or cracked tiles is a warning sign that your roof requires replacement.
    Roofing Brothers Montclair in the roof or tiles will cause the moisture to seep in. You can fix this problem by repairing the roof. However, replacing the roof remains the best solution.

    Examine the Interior Structure

    It is advisable that you examine the roof’s interior structure. Check the attic to identify any evident signs of damage. Look for cracks of any kind in the structure. Get the roof replaced if you find any such signs.