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  • Are you previous sufficient to don’t forget the advertisement for bic lighters? It spawned the query and refers to what lights you up and brings you joy. Earlier this week I was in NYC masterminding with a group of entrepreneurs and our mentor/coach. For individuals of you who might not be familiar with the term, Mastermind groups offer you a…[Read more]

  • Continuing with our Freedom theme, selecting-up the place we left off with reparenting around Fathering/Discipline (to reprogram ourselves), and combining it with far more Summer season goodness. Why not?

    Re-Fathering has to do with personal discipline and how we set ourselves up to do well in life and in relationships. It has to do with…[Read more]

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    Dear readers,

    Rasulullah (s.a.w.) connected excellent importance to understanding, educating and reading through Qur’an.

    "The most virtuous among you are individuals who learn and teach Qur’an." [Bukhari]

    "The most supreme worship in my local community is to read Qur’an." [Abu Nu’aym]

    "In a property exactly where Qur’an is not read through,…[Read more]

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    Marilyn desired to hear from her daughter, Genevieve – "Jenny" to her pals. Jenny had passed into spirit about 5 years ago, leaving 3 modest young children and a quite distraught husband. Marilyn showed me a picture of Jenny. I like when clients have photos in the course of Skype sessions images capture the energy of the individual and aid me to m…[Read more]

  • Exactly where We Have been

    Charles Fey invented the slot machine in the 1890’s. He most likely never envisioned that his creation named the "Liberty Bell" would evolve into the most popular form of casino gambling today.

    The slot evolution even so had a lot of growing pains as several in the United States viewed gambling as a social ill. By 1910…[Read more]

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